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Mark Dancer

Mastering the Future of Work

The future of work is not just about the employee experience – it also includes the customer experience. In this article from guest author and B2B expert Mark Dancer, you’ll learn the foundational principles of B2B innovation that will improve your customers’ experience and connect you with your consumers.

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GE Goes Autonomous – Can I? | Bourbon & Banter Ep3

There are a lot of tech buzzwords right now with one of the biggest ones being autonomy and automation. In this episode, Alex & Buddy discuss what this concept is and how you can apply it to your business even when you’re not a big corporation like GE.


Learn the latest news in technology and best practices for implementing new tools into your business successfully and efficiently.

Improving Trust with Better Notifications with Hana Mohan

There are too many tools, apps, and websites that are constantly giving users notifications about information they don’t care about, already saw on another device, or are irrelevant to them at that moment. Hana Mohan discusses how MagicBell is building a better way to create a better experience for users that builds trust with the apps they use. Listen in as Alex uncovers the future of notifications in this Vstudio Industry Interview.

Is Technology Holding Back Your Business?

Technology and digital transformation can feel daunting. With so many different tools, apps, software, and service providers, it’s easy to get lost in what technology to use and how to use it. When you finish reading this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to assess technology, select the right one for your business, and implement it successfully.


We know keeping your team and your business running smoothly and efficiently is a top priority. Check out these content pieces covering process, systems, workflows, and more!

The 4 Pillars of Customer Experience Strategy with Shari Altergott

While customer experience should be a part of arguably every role in the company, Shari Altergott of the CX Edge says it still needs a primary point person to lead a strategy – a measurable one that has four focus areas. Listen in to learn what those areas are and who in your organization should be leading the charge.

The Great Resignation – Bourbon & Banter Ep1

Businesses across the nation are seeing record numbers of employees leaving. In this episode, Alex and Buddy discuss why this is happening and ways companies can respond to both retain and attract talent.

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