The 4 Pillars of Customer Experience Strategy with Shari Altergott

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    You’ve run your business for years and have had countless team members share about the importance of customer experience. You may have even mentioned it as a priority yourself! But where was the follow-through? Who owns it now? Is it a measurable part of your day-to-day and what are the insights you’re gaining? Do you have a customer experience strategy?

    Shari Altergott says she’s done a number of presentations to find countless companies who – like you – agree that customer experience is important but have no strategy, assets, or resources dedicated to improving the customer experience. Don’t worry though – she’s a customer experience expert and shares a ton of helpful ways that you can start implementing customer experience strategy into your team and business today.

    Connect with Shari

    Connect with Shari on LinkedIn or check out her website The CX Edge for more helpful customer experience resources. You can also check out the podcast she hosts with MHEDA here.

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